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Prince Vegeta and giving The Sex Talk



today on every dbz episode ever made

Raditz: Princy shorty~ *snickers*

Nappa: At least he managed to grow an inch in the last 10 years.

Vegeta: I swear to god, one of these days I’ll kill you Nappa. And as for you, Hairball, I don’t even need to kill you. I’ll have a green pickle wearing a turban do that for me. Once you’re all dead, I’d be dancing on your graves, playing bingo.

Raditz: I wonder where he got that from…

Nappa: No idea.

I really like winnie the pooh, Can you draw winnie the pooh pleaseeeeee


Dragonball & Vehicles DAY 23

Whoops! Missed a day! lol

I love the Buu arc!  There’s a metric ton of flaws in there, but I loved it because it was Toriyama trying to mix the comedy and fun spirit of the older arcs mixed with his Z-style of storytelling. 

Gotenks is part of why I loved it.  Yeah, he didn’t really accomplish anything, but he was damn entertaining.  Piccolo playing volleyball was the greatest thing ever.

Damn dood, such a huge fucking storm! If I die, tell everyone I’m fucking awesome.

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